Hydraulic Actuators

Ant Hydraulic Actuators are used for rotating motion and especially for high torque systems like valves or heavy duty construction equipments.

It is compact and more durable compared to it’s equivalent.

Thanks to the high quality sealing elements used, oil leaks have been prevented and the actuator has been able to operate without any problems for long years.

Product Information


  • It is used in all kinds of valves that act with 90 ° rotation.
  • Suitable for large diameter butterfly and ball valves.
  • Thanks to its superior paint, it can be used in sea conditions without problems.
  • Ant VA is manufactured according to the following valve shaft types. In addition, according to demand, special shaft types and sizes are available according to our manufacturing.
  • Used in high torque applications such as work machines, agricultural machines, forklifts, hatch covers, construction equipment platforms and baskets used in sectors such as energy, marine, mining, military, construction, to rotate and load moving parts.
  • Type of shaft and mounting of the actuator can be made according to special requirements.


Flanged Foot Type Hydraulic Actuators can be used safely in the following vehicles with high rotating force, load fixing and precise rotation movement:

  • Defense Industry Tools
  • Truck Mounted Equipments
  • Platforms
  • Garbage Tools
  • Fire Fighting Vehicles
  • Combined Grooving Tools
  • Snow Shovel Tools
  • Ground Sweeping Tools
  • Tunnel and Mining Tools
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